Hexy Talk

“Home is where my honey is”

On a recent trip to Harsens Island, my friend Brenda (from just-a-bit-frayed) got me completely hooked on English Paper Piecing.  Now I can’t sit still without having a stack of hexies to work on.  It is a fun (and addicting) way to hand piece hexagons (and other shapes) and you can use scraps!  Brenda shows you how to set up your own English Paper Piecing kit here.

Small rose star in progress…

I fell in love with the rose star block while doing an image search on Google.  Ah, how much time I can use up, but at least a project stemmed from this session.  I found a great tutorial from summerfete that walked through how to cut the pieces to build the rose star.

I started with my original 1.5 inch hexagons for the first rose star.  The second I did is the back of a baby quit I made for a friend and starts with a 3 inch hexagon at the center.  Using a little geometry that I recalled from somewhere at the back of my brain, I drew the original hexy on card stock then cut the rest from there.  Et, voila!

Large Rose Star

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